Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday... Why Does it Always Happen on Mondays?

So the season began and the trucks are flowing in and out of the yard. Today was like most days which start off with unloading trailers of "green stock" (the cucumbers from the field that have been sorted and cleaned) in the tanks. While trying to finish some paperwork for the green stock, the trucker that was preparing to load out of the tank yard said... I hit a tank! Not only did he hit the tank, he hit the stairs next to it and ripped a big whole in it. The brine was flowing out! Luckily for us it was just a brine tank and didn't have any cucumbers in it. So we had to clean up what was left of the stairs and the tank and we finished unloading our trailers into other tanks. The plus is that it was only brine, but it still made for a crazy morning. Dealing with 14 loads of green stock and 4 loads from the tank yard to send out is bad enough, but rupturing a tank makes it a CRAZY day! Of course it's Monday morning!

Did you know: At Hartung Brothers, Inc. in Bowling Green, Ohio we have 950 tanks that are 12 feet high and can hold about 1000 bushels of salt stock. Bowling Green is also home to a grading and washing facility for Hartung Brothers. That is why we get so many loads because we are the yard that receives stock from the field and we also ship out or tank all of that stock. There are also tank yards in Imlay City, MI, Uvalde, TX, and Portland, OR that belong to Hartung Brothers, Inc.

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