Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost the End

I have one week left and then it's time to head back to Wisconsin! I can't believe the summer is almost over!

Well, we have started receiving more trucks which means second crop is starting. The tank yard is busier than ever. We have over 300 tanks full of the 2011 crop! We only need another 200 to reach our goal for the season. We fixed all of the machines last week, but now they are still causing problems when we are unloading trailers, but they always say things only break when you use them. I still can't believe that we have over 300 tanks full and that there are almost 300 empty yet.

This experience has been awesome! I have met a lot of people and have learned a lot about the raw product industry. I even met some of the people from the companies we ship to. I never expected to have learned as much as I did, but I learn something new every day about the company and the industry. I wish school started later so I could see how the season finishes. I would recommend this internship to anyone willing to work long hours and someone who wants to learn a lot about the cucumber/pickle industry!

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