Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Been Crazy

So the past few days have been crazy! Last week I had to go home for a family emergency, but I came back and what a way to start the week... the pump broke. We were supposed to ship 10 loads yesterday and after the second one, the pump broke. The pump is used to get the pickles out of the tank and into the tubs on the trucks, but with it broke there is no easy way to load. We ended up cancelling the rest of the loads and using the remainder of the day to fix the pump. The only bad thing was that most of the loads we cancelled were shifted into today's loads. Luckily the pump worked today. We are expecting to ship out 10 loads tomorrow and will hopefully not have any other problems this week, but all is well in Bowling Green!
Did you know that the pickle is both a fruit and a vegetable? 

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